Ways to Increase Email Open Rate

For marketers, improving email open rates is a source of worry.

The email list of a business could be new, or maybe it did not have a chance to grow its email list.

Diminishing returns from an email list could also be worrying. Email marketing campaigns can only be effective if emails are being opened in the first place. Given below are ways to improve email open rates.

Segment the Email List

Email list segmentation enables marketers to increase the relevance of their mails. An email list can be divided into smaller groups or segments.

Businesses with segmented email lists experience higher open rates.

Subscribers can be segmented or differentiated based on their behavior, for instance, their purchasing behavior.

Emails can be sent based on the specific products that customers have purchased. Lists can also be segmented based on demographics such as age or location.

Provide value

For subscribers to open emails, they need to be given something valuable. The message should resonate with them. It is a wise move to gauge messages from the subscriber’s point of view.

What in the message encourages readers to take action?

The message of the email should be accurately expressed in the subject line and the body. If a business wants its subscribers to read its emails, they should always carry out what they promised in the subject line.

For instance, The Academy of American Poets has a ‘Poem a day’ subscriber list. It keeps its promise and provides its subscribers with one poem each day in both audio and text format .

Subject Lines that Kindle Curiosity

A subject line, in order to be effective, needs to create intrigue. When there are a ton of emails sitting in the inbox of subscribers, a wacky subject line will make an email stand out from the rest.

If a subject line is not captivating enough, it may result in  customers unsubscribing from email lists.

The subject line may include numbers, and should make readers think that an email is precise and worth their time. It is important to develop a hypothesis on what components would work in the subject line and to choose a variable that will impact the open rate.

For instance, would a short subject line be more effective than a long subject line? Would emojis work?

Personalize Mail

Emails can be personalized in a number of ways. The first name of the reader can be added to the subject line, for instance. Emails can also be sent from a person and not a business.

Readers are more likely to trust emails that come from a person rather than a business. Another level of personalization can be added by remembering essential dates.

An automated email that celebrates the anniversary of the relationship of a business with its email subscriber can be a great touch. Birthdays are also important dates.

Emails can also be geo targeted based on the weather. For instance, Seamless, a food delivery service, sent geo targeted mails to its subscribers in New York during blizzards.

As Co-CEO at 5W Public RelationsDara Busch oversees 5W’s Consumer Practice, which includes Travel & Entertainment, Apparel & Accessories, Non-Profits, Home & Housewares, Health & Wellness, Mom & Baby, Beauty & Grooming, and Consumer Packaged Goods.