Underutilized PR Strategies for Small Businesses

Most of the PR strategies that companies use are aimed at adult audiences. However, companies should be aware that many consumers start forming their opinions about companies long before they become adults.

That’s why it’s important for businesses to utilize different public relations strategies that cater to various generations of consumers.

Local PR

It’s not always easy for smaller businesses to attract the attention of major media outlets.

This might be because the press releases from smaller businesses aren’t notable enough to make it to the major media outlets, or because there are far bigger businesses that have similar solutions for consumers, and that already have the attention of those outlets.

That’s why it’s better for smaller businesses to try vying for the attention of local media outlets since they’re a lot easier to approach. This way, once they get the attention of the local outlets, smaller businesses will be able to reach local consumers across a number of generations.

Digital Presence

The digital space is one of the top places where businesses can promote themselves. Many consumers look for information online, especially when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

To reach a bigger audience, companies can utilize SEO strategies in order to feature more prominently on search engines.

That means choosing the right keywords based on what the target audience is likely to use in their search queries when looking for specific solutions for their pain points, and creating content that caters to those consumers.

Media Events

Another way that companies can reach a bigger audience is by holding a media junket or press conference whenever they have something notable to announce.

Press conferences aren’t solely reserved for crisis situations. However, it’s important to remember that anything announced during media events should be real news.

Otherwise, outlets aren’t going to run the story and will see the event as a waste of their time. Media events also give outlets the chance to ask the business questions in a way that’s not possible when companies simply issue press releases. Media events help companies build a more robust story for their PR efforts.

These events are also a great way for businesses to establish one-on-one relationships with other journalists, staff members, partners, and even customers.

When hosting such events, it’s also important to remember that they should be scheduled to fit the deadlines that outlets have to keep up with. Companies should consult with the relevant outlets before scheduling an event.


Lastly, companies that are relatable and consistent in their messaging are a lot more attractive to consumers compared to companies that aren’t. That means companies should be ready to promote their brands at every opportunity that presents itself.

To make consumers take notice of a brand, businesses should be positive and enthusiastic in their brand messaging. This should remain the case whenever consumers come across any of their messaging.