Top Influencer Marketing Tips for B2B Businesses

There are a few essential tips that all B2B businesses should know before investing in influencer marketing campaigns to target their audiences.


Companies won’t be able to influence their audiences without knowing who comprises their target audiences in the first place. That means before companies can begin investing in influencer marketing campaigns, they have to conduct audience research and create buyer personas for each segment of the audience they’re looking to target. A buyer persona is a portrayal of the company’s ideal customer that’s based on research and data on the potential customers. To get a better understanding of who the target audience is, the company needs to know how it could characterize its audience, whether there are any websites or platforms that the audience frequently uses, their demographic and psychographic information, their needs and pain points, the amount of research they do before making a purchase, and more. Once the company has gathered all this information, it’s time to define each buyer persona the company is looking to target with an influencer marketing campaign.


Most companies, before they even decide to invest in various types of marketing efforts, including influencer marketing campaigns, tend to have a thorough understanding of their industry and market. They can further build on that knowledge and their expertise by trying to engage with other members of their industry such as through leaders to create a more valuable resource of information for potential consumers that will help those consumers make purchasing decisions faster and easier. By presenting potential consumers with a big resource filled with valuable information that demonstrates the company’s knowledge and expertise, businesses can make the buying journey a lot faster for their audiences.


Finally, as with any other sort of promotional effort that a company conducts, it’s important to keep track of the performance of the influencer marketing efforts and overall campaign to understand whether they are all working and achieving the expected results. The best way for companies to do that is by setting measurable benchmarks that the company can keep track of before the campaign even starts, to get proof of the performance of the campaign. This can be in the form of social shares, click-through rates, or any other valuable metrics that can help the business track its success. There are plenty of other non-tangible metrics that companies can keep track of for this goal, such as the number of views or media coverage and even public sentiment. In fact, it’s important for companies to keep track of what others are saying about them throughout promotional efforts on both social media and traditional media platforms to figure out whether the company is doing the right thing and adjust accordingly to impact the results of the campaign in a positive way. Finally, the company can use all of this information to improve and adjust all influencer marketing campaigns and overall promotional efforts.