Top Examples of Brand Essence

A company’s brand essence can influence all of its promotional efforts, as well as the perceptions that customers have of it. While it might be easy to come up with a logo or tagline, the brand essence isn’t an obvious element of a company. Some of the top brands have a brand essence statement that connects the idea behind the business to its visual identity, marketing campaigns, and product offerings.

Ralph Lauren

The brand essence statement of Ralph Lauren is “Success and the American dream”. What customers wear matters to this brand, and that’s highlighted in its brand essence statement. The company managed to capture the feeling of the American dream and the long road to success in a single statement. That’s done by focusing on the Lauren family story, as well as on creating marketing campaigns that feel like a glimpse into the life of the elite citizens in America.

Trader Joe’s

The brand essence statement of Trader Joe’s is “Outstanding value”, which centers around providing customers with value. Everything about the popular grocery store chain is centered around the value it provides to its customers from the way that it bargains with the suppliers, to the products that it offers. The company takes this value to its heart, which is why it doesn’t offer membership cards, coupons, or loyalty programs. Instead, the company’s brand essence statement indicates that it has decided to take another step to keep its product costs low.


The brand essence statement for Adobe is “Creativity for all”, which is obvious throughout every promotional effort from the brand. Although Adobe has products that cater to a wide variety of audiences, at the core of every one of its products and campaigns is creativity. The statement has helped the brand become one of the most popular choices for creatives across industries, from web designers to product designers and artists. The brand’s identity is unified through creativity, which ends up attracting any customer who’s looking for design software.


The core of this brand’s purpose is efficiency, which is why the brand essence statement is simply “Efficiency”. This is the brand that created the first bagless vacuum, and Dyson has successfully made its brand essence clear through its product lines of vacuums, hair care products, hand dryers, air cleaners, and lighting products. Every single product from this brand is designed to make the lives of its customers more efficient. Whether that’s through combining multiple products into a single product, or by getting rid of cords and bags, the core idea behind everything Dyson offers is efficiency.

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