Leveraging Podcasts for Brand Marketing

More people than ever are listening to podcasts because they are a very convenient way to consume content on a variety of subjects, while being able to enjoy other things as well, or complete their daily tasks like walks, drives, household chores and more. For companies, that means knowing how to take advantage of all of the strategic opportunities that they can get from promoting themselves through podcasts, and choosing the right podcasts and hosts that will allow them to reach their target audience in a meaningful way.


One of the ways companies can promote themselves through podcasts is by simply creating their own podcast. Though it can be fairly simple from a production standpoint, creating a podcast requires a significant amount of work, from brainstorming podcast topics to creating discussion ideas or bulleted lists about what the host is going to be discussing throughout the podcast, recording, and editing the content, and then getting it published to the right platforms. Not every company is able to invest all of the time or effort that it takes for it to create their own podcast, however, those who are able to do so can get a lot of benefits and advantages from it.


Another great way for companies to promote themselves, and their solutions to the target audiences via podcasts is by investing in podcast advertising campaigns. With the variety of podcasts in the market that are hosted by influencers, news outlets, thought leaders and more, podcasts have loyal followings who tune in each week. In creating paid promotion on podcasts whose audiences align with the target audience of the brand, companies can target their audience through ad flights – and even go so far as to track conversions through unique URLs for promotions that are specific to that show, allowing them to measure which podcasts are performing the best for their marketing.  

Guest appearances

Finally, companies can promote themselves and their solutions to the target audiences, as well as position themselves as industry leaders by appearing as guests on relevant podcasts for segments that relate to their business and its offering. In these appearances, the company can discuss various topics of importance in its market or industry in a way that will interest the listeners while indirectly promoting the business.