Making a Press Release a Part of Successful PR

To create a PR campaign, companies first need to establish a clear campaign goal, such as informing the public about a piece of news from a business, reaching a bigger consumer base, raising awareness about a new product, or improving a company’s reputation.

APR campaign is supposed to use strategic messaging to communicate with a company’s target audience and to successfully reach the overall goal of the campaign.

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Gaming Public Relations

There are still some people that don’t really know how big the video game industry truly is. In general, about ten newly released games make as much, or more, as Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster every year.

The gaming industry revenue reached nearly $200 billion last year, and in comparison, both the NBA and the NFL combined made about $24 billion the same year.

Behind all of the familiar franchises, names, and corporations of the gaming industry, there are teams of PR experts that have to face the same challenge as their PR colleagues in other sectors.

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Tips on Creating a Crisis Communication Plan

Communication during a crisis situation is most effective when it’s clear and consistent.

That’s why companies need to create a crisis communication plan that includes delivery methodologies, primary messages, as well as regular updates to ensure all communication throughout a crisis is strategic and thoughtful.

When companies don’t have a crisis communication plan and only communicate reactively to a situation, it can cause a lot of uncertainty, stress, and confusion for everyone.  

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Helping Consumers Make Purchasing Decisions

When looking to make a purchasing decision, consumers tend to go through a number of stages which constitute what companies call the buying journey.

One of the most important stages of that buying journey is when consumers are researching and learning more about products or services that they’d like to purchase.

During that stage, consumers are learning about the advantages and disadvantages of various solutions, and ultimately, the information they find helps them decide which solution they need to purchase to solve or ease their pain points.

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