Marketing Strategies for Beginners

People that are just starting their own business are always in need of some promotional strategies.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to stand out in a crowded market, but with the right marketing strategies, it can be easier to reach consumers and generate more sales, even for marketing beginners. 

Understanding Consumers 

Marketing beginners first need to do research to define their target consumers. That means learning who the business needs to communicate with. Defining the target audience of a business is essential in all marketing endeavors because any strategy or campaign a business uses should be crafted according to what the target consumers want.

That means learning about the company’s target audience, their most common questions, their biggest pain points, as well as their interests and values. Armed with all this information, even beginner marketers can create targeted messages that will perform much better compared to blanket campaigns. 

Social Media Engagement 

Living in a world that’s so consumed by social media makes social media platforms unavoidable for any business that wants to achieve success. The best way to go about engaging consumers on social media is to first learn which platforms those consumers prefer to use.

Then with that knowledge, paired with all the other knowledge the company has about its target audience, the business can create personalized marketing messages for social media platforms. These messages will attract consumers’ attention, and engage them in a way that builds brand reputation and awareness. 

Email Marketing 

Email marketing campaigns are a great way for companies to get the word out, but with this type of marketing, it is important for businesses to use the right strategies in order to get the most success out of their campaigns.

That means using short, interesting, and concise subject lines for the emails, which will get people interested enough in them to open them. The content inside the email should also be valuable and interesting to the email subscribers, and invite them to take action toward the next step of their buying journey with a call to action (CTA). 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

 Designing a company website and its content in a way that makes it show up in the topmost placements in search engine results pages (SERPs) is what SEO is all about. According to reports, the first five results that people see when they look up something on a search engine account for about 70% of all clicks.

After all, most people tend to avoid looking at the second, let alone any subsequent search results pages on Google. That means the companies that are able to rank high up in SERPs for specific keywords will increase their odds of consumers finding them. And the best way for beginner marketers to learn which keywords they should be targeting with their website content is through Google Adwords. 

As Co-CEO at 5W Public Relations, Dara Busch oversees 5W’s Consumer Practice, which includes Travel & Entertainment, Apparel & Accessories, Non-Profits, Home & Housewares, Health & Wellness, Mom & Baby, Beauty & Grooming, and Consumer Packaged Goods.