Learning About Targeted Campaigns from H&M

Recently, the Swedish multinational clothing company H&M released a brand new collection of biodegradable baby clothes as a way to better target millennial parents.

This new clothes collection is a great way to better understand the brand’s overall strategy of trying to appeal to a brand new generation of parents that are unlike any of the other parents that have come before them.

With the new collection of compostable baby clothes, which is the first for the brand, H&M is trying to guide the public conversation toward more sustainability inside the fashion industry.

Additionally, the brand has started focusing on creating marketing campaigns that are targeted at millennial parents, simply by giving those new parents a lot more peace of mind regarding their purchasing decisions.


This new collection from H&M consists of 12 different apparel pieces that aside from clothes, also include hats and blankets as well.

Furthermore, the clothes have foldable waistbands and adjustable cuffs, which means they’re easily modified and extended so they and the parents can handle any growth spurts that the newborns go through, without having to throw the clothes away immediately.

Not only that, but the pieces are made from organic cotton, and they’re completely biodegradable, including the pigments that were used for the design of the clothes.

That means that once a baby has finished wearing the clothes, each piece can simply be thrown into a homemade compost pile.


According to research, in the US, over 11 million tons of textile waste are thrown out each year, and that comes out to over 2000 pieces of clothing each second, which means clothing and fast fashion, in general, have become a great environmental catastrophe.

Furthermore, the number of clothing items that are being produced each year has doubled since the year 2000, and these days, the average buyer in the US throws away an equivalent of around 70 different pairs of pants and shoes in waste per year.

In fact, in the last few years, most of the clothes that consumers tend to throw out, actually get thrown out after only being worn up to 10 times – and that’s the statistic for adults.

Babies, who tend to rapidly grow and gain weight within the first couple of years after they are born tend to outgrow about 7 clothing sizes as they begin their transition to the toddler stage of life.

That’s precisely why H&M decided to create a compostable collection of baby clothes that’s going to inspire more change in the future.

Additionally, given its thousands of stores all over the world, the brand is in a great position to become a leader in the industry of sustainable fashion while keeping all those clothes away from harming the environment.

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