Instagram Reels Marketing

According to research, Reels on Instagram generate over 40% more engagement with users compared to regular Instagram videos and other types of in-feed posts. That means if a company is looking to promote itself on the platform, it’s time to start investing in Reels. Here, we explore a few considerations when planning your Instagram Reels marketing.


Like all content, factoring in the timing of the post is a crucial element of a company’s content strategy. Current best practices indicate that, in general, Monday through Thursday morning to noon, Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings are good times to post. However, these timings tend to be different for different audiences, which means companies should keep a keen eye on their own data to figure out when their followers are most active on the platform, scheduling the content to be distributed during those times.

Consistency and efficiency in content creation

Content ideas for Instagram Reels can happen at any time of day, however, that doesn’t mean the content needs to be created and published immediately. In fact, a more effective practice is to map out all their creative content ideas, and then take a day to create all their videos, essentially creating the content in batches, and scheduling it out to be published for the next few days or weeks. This is a great way for companies to be efficient in their content creation, while consistent with distribution. 

Aligning Reels content with business plans

As companies map out their sales strategy, product launches, key events and brand moments, they should align their Reels schedule to further support the broader business objectives, and create Reels in advance whenever possible. By creating content ahead of time and scheduling it to be published at a later date companies ensure consistency of content posting, and create efficiencies within their creative teams by filming content in batches throughout the year, rather than ad hoc. Consistency is important on most social media platforms as the algorithm favors accounts with consistent strong reach and engagement, meaning the more consistent your posting strategy is, the more the platform will continue to promote your content organically.