How To Integrate Hashtags to Strengthen Your Marketing Campaign

Businesses of all sizes are now leveraging the popular platform TikTok for marketing and taking advantage of the platform’s large user base and easy-to-use features. One effective way to promote a brand on the app is to use hashtag targeting.

Understanding Hashtags

It’s important to understand how to use hashtags, how they work, and what hashtags to use on TikTok or Instagram. When a customer clicks a hashtag, a word or group of words preceded by the “#” symbol, it allows them to explore the content associated with it. Hashtags can help people discover new content, as well as let businesses advertise products or services.

Using Hashtags

Companies posting on TikTok should use relevant hashtags to reach their audience. This includes specific hashtags related to the company, as well as broader hashtags targeted at the audience. For example, beauty product companies can leverage #makeuptutorial and #beautyhacks to reach makeup-lovers.

Trending Hashtags

Companies using hashtags on TikTok should stay aware of current trends including dances and challenges, these trends usually have corresponding hashtags. If there is an opportunity to pair your products with the trend in a way that makes sense, trends are the perfect opportunity to make use of hashtags that help to expand the reach of your audience, ending up on the pages of someone who might not be in your audience right now, but could still be interesting. 

How Many Hashtags Should I Use on Instagram or TikTok?

Number is key when using hashtags. While it’s tempting to add as many hashtags as possible to each post, it’s important to remember that too many can be detrimental. Recommended use is 3-5 per post, as too many can seem spam-like or desperate, reducing visibility.

Using Branded Hashtags

Brands can use hashtags to build user engagement on TikTok. Branded hashtags are unique to a particular brand or product, and allow users to connect with like-minded people who share the same interests. For instance, a skincare brand might create #glowyskin for their customers to share tips and advice about their products. 

Branded hashtags can also be an effective tool in upping brand recognition on TikTok. They serve the dual purpose of creating a sense of exclusivity and stimulating user-generated content. Recognizing that the hashtag links to a particular brand, users are more likely to interact with it. Companies can leverage this by encouraging their users to create content featuring the hashtag. This enhances visibility and grows their fan base of loyal brand supporters.


When using hashtags on social media, it’s essential to think about timing. TikTok has algorithms and best practices when it comes to posts, suggesting peak usage times in the evening and at weekends. By posting during these times, businesses can expand the reach of their posts and get seen by a bigger audience. In addition to timing, consistency is important as TikTok rewards posting frequently with the use of the hashtags.


Companies should track hashtag performance continually. This means monitoring the engagement and reach of each hashtag, and making adjustments as needed. If a hashtag isn’t successful, replace it or refine content to boost performance.