How TikTok Trends Can Inspire Your Home & Housewares Campaign 

TikTok has become a global sensation, with millions of users sharing short videos on various topics, including home decor, organization hacks, and DIY projects. The platform has given rise to numerous trends and challenges that capture the attention of users worldwide. Marketers in the home and housewares industry can leverage various TikTok decor trends to inspire and enhance their marketing campaigns.

Home decor trends

TikTok is a treasure trove of home decor trends, with users sharing videos on everything from wall decor to furniture trends. Stay up to date with the latest TikTok home decor trends and incorporate them into marketing campaigns. Highlight how the company’s products align with popular design aesthetics, such as Scandinavian, industrial, or mid-century modern. Collaborate with TikTok influencers who specialize in home decor to create visually captivating content that showcases the products within the context of current trends.

DIY and upcycling

TikTok is filled with DIY and upcycling videos, where users showcase their creative ideas for transforming everyday items into something new and unique. These videos often feature home decor projects, furniture makeovers, and creative storage solutions. By incorporating DIY and upcycling elements into a home and housewares campaign, brands can tap into the growing trend of sustainable living and showcase how their products can be repurposed or personalized to fit individual preferences. Consider sharing DIY tutorials, before-and-after transformations, and user-generated content featuring the company’s products in creative DIY projects.

Organization and decluttering

TikTok users love sharing their organization and decluttering tips and tricks. From closet organization to pantry hacks, these videos offer practical solutions for keeping spaces tidy and efficient. Companies can leverage this TikTok decor trend by highlighting the organizational features of their home and housewares products. Showcase how the company’s storage containers, closet systems, or kitchen gadgets can help users declutter and optimize their living spaces. Collaborate with TikTok influencers who specialize in organization content to create engaging and informative videos that demonstrate the effectiveness of the products.

Interior design and styling

TikTok is a hub for interior design inspiration, with users sharing videos of their beautifully decorated spaces, room makeovers, and styling tips. Explore the latest interior design trends showcased on TikTok and align the company’s home and housewares campaign with these 

TikTok decor trends. Highlight how the products can be incorporated into different design styles, such as minimalist, bohemian, or farmhouse. Collaborate with interior design influencers on TikTok to create visually appealing content that showcases the products in stylish and aspirational settings.

Kitchen hacks and recipes

Food-related content is immensely popular on TikTok, with users sharing quick and innovative kitchen hacks, cooking tips, and mouth-watering recipes. If a home and housewares campaign focuses on kitchenware or culinary products, tap into this trend by sharing recipe videos, cooking tutorials, or time-saving kitchen hacks featuring the company’s products. Collaborate with TikTok chefs and home cooks to create engaging content that showcases the versatility and functionality of the brand’s kitchen tools and appliances.

Smart home and technology

TikTok users are fascinated by smart home technology and enjoy sharing videos demonstrating the capabilities of smart devices. If a brand’s home and housewares products include smart home technology or innovative gadgets, highlight their features in TikTok videos. Showcase how a smart home security system, automated lighting, or voice-controlled appliances can make life easier and more convenient. Collaborate with tech-savvy influencers who can provide insights and reviews of smart home products, helping to build trust and credibility among TikTok users.